Hotels in Venice with restaurant | Hotel in Venice with restaurant serving Venetian seafood dishes in Venice center

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Hotel in Venice's Historic Center with Traditional Restaurant

Hotel Al Vagon, with its delicious restaurant serving Venetian specialties and traditional seafood dishes, is the recipe for a romantic stay in Venice's historic center. Comfortable and warm, with a delightful inside dining room and, in the summer, tables in a characteristic vaulted passageway where you can enjoy meals by candlelight,
with the gentle gait of the gondolas. A typical restaurant serving Venetian seafood dishes in a magical atmosphere on the canal.

Hotel-Restaurant in Venice with Seafood Specialties

The traditional restaurant at Hotel Al Vagon in Venice boasts refined, traditional Venetian cuisine, an exceptional way to top off a stay in a convenient hotel in Venice's historic center near the Rialto Bridge. The interior of the traditional Venetian restaurant is charming and intimate, tempting you with succulent specialties and seafood dishes that follow the lagoon tradition!

The highlight of Hotel Al Vagon: the romantic restaurant serving traditional Venetian cuisine!

Hotels in Venice with restaurant