Hotel Venice Rialto | Hotel in Venice near the Rialto Bridge and the Rialto Market in Venice

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1 Star Hotel in the Rialto Area of Venice

If you are looking for an exceptional location in the Rialto area with its spectacular bridge and the charming fish and vegetable market, Hotel Al Vagon is one of the most convenient hotels in Venice. Immerse yourself in a typical Venetian atmosphere, among colorful stalls with fresh fruit, yelling fish vendors that capture your attention and the fascinating churches and palaces in the Rialto area, and awaken your shopping desires!

Hotel in the Historic Center, Near the Rialto Bridge

Just 5 minutes from the Rialto Bridge, Hotel al Vagon in Venice is one of the best choices for an affordable and charming stay in the historic center, and will make you a regular shopper at the famous Rialto Market! In Venice, 1 star Hotel al Vagon is linked with a convenient and comfortable stay.

Your preferred bridge for the fabulous Rialto Market!

Hotel Venice Rialto