1-star Venice hotel with restaurant | Hotel with restaurant Venetian restaurant in Venice |

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Economic hotel-restaurant in downtown Venice

The economic 1-star Hotel Vagon has a delicious restaurant serving typical Venetian cuisine. From the gallery overlooking Rio dei SS. Apostoli, you'll enjoy the fish specialties in an authentic Venetian atmosphere near Rialto and St. Mark's. With a spacious dining room, the Hotel Al Vagon restaurant is an excellent combination of economic accommodations and quality Venetian cuisine, with local, national and international dishes.

Restaurant-hotel in Venice with local cuisine

Where can you find typical Venetian cuisine in an intimate and cozy downtown economic hotel near Rialto and St. Mark's? The 1-star Hotel Al Vagon is an excellent combination of typical local cuisine served at its restaurant and Venetian atmosphere. Near the Rialto fish market, the Venetian cuisine specialties and economic accommodations at the 1-star Hotel Al Vagon.

Nurture your soul in Venice, satisfy your appetite at the restaurant-hotel Al Vagon!

1-star Venice Hotel with restaurant
1-star Venice Hotel with restaurant | Hotel with Venetian restaurant in Venice |